• Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
• Electrical & electronic Engineering (EEE)
• Computer science & Engineering (CSE)
• Information technology (IT)
• Civil Engineering (CE)
• Mechanical Engineering (ME)
• Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)
• Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
• Master of Technology (M.Tech.)
• Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharma.)
• Master of Business Administration (MBA) (OU)
• Master of Business Administration (MBA) (JNTU)
• Master of Computer Applications (MCA) (OU)
• Master of Computer Applications (MCA)(JNTU)

It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.


The prominence of EEE in the present modern era of diversified technologies plays a vital role as one of the dependable technology for many fields of sciences. EEE comprises Mobile Communications, Satellite Navigation, the Design of Electronic Circuits, the Design of Computer Systems and the Development of control systems, Elementary electrical components, Transistors, Integrated Circuits, Computer circuitry, Microwave electronics, Superconducting electronics, Ultra-high speed electronics, Electromagnetic systems, Signal processing and Power electronics.


The communication sector has reached multi-fold level over the years, the aspects of communications from microwave and optical systems, to the design, operation and management of large scale communication networks for computers, Analog Communication, Digital Communication Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication, Cellular Mobile Communication & Networking. They are wide range of job opportunities throughout the world.


Mechanical Engineering is one of the widely sought after discipline of engineering. It plays a dominant role in a wide spectrum of industries. The transportation industry is purely based on this discipline.

Mechanical Engineering applies the principles of Physics and material sciences for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Mechanical engineers in this field has continually evolved to incorporate advancements in technology.

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination”.


Computer science is a separate and distinct discipline, which is versatile and allows for study of theoretical concepts as well as practical ones with a focus on engineering & software.

Computer Science Engineering caters in the areas like : Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing, Number theory, Quantum computing, Operating systems, Programming languages, Network engineering, Information security etc.


Information technology is related to studying, designing and developing the information related to computers. This discipline has seen a robust growth over the last few years and this growth is expected to remain stable. It deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information. The I.T. Sector is growing at a fast pace and is creating ample opportunities for the students.


Civil Engineering is the oldest, prominent, diverse & broadest discipline of engineering which mainly focuses on planning, development, design, construction and maintenance of the entire physical infrastructure required for sustainability of the society. Civil Engineering department is based on modern lines with state of art facilities to be utilized for research and consultancy in addition to the training of students. The department is well set to provide excellent Civil Engineering graduates, adequately trained in all aspects of civil engineering to be acceptable globally.


This is a Post-graduate two-year program (four-semesters) in a specific branch of engineering or a technical field, and is regarded as the most sought after degrees within country & abroad. This program is a continuing specialized education after four-year Degree program. The course is offered in various disciplines and streams by different departments of the college. Each programme comprises of several core and elective courses. Students may be permitted to do their project work in industries and other approved organizations. Students are also encouraged to participate in the research and development projects undertaken by the faculty.

Science…….. is nothing but REFINEMENT OF ONE’S THINKING!


This discipline of science holds a prominent role in today’s suffering humanity and an essence in the existing healthcare system. This is a four-year program. The students are encouraged & prepaid towards the ethics of pharmacy profession. The College conducts collaborative research projects with various organizations and hospitals.


This is a 2-year Post-graduate & Research specialization program in the field of Pharmacy. M.Pharma is the successor of B.Pharmacy. The students can specialize in the Industrial, Quality, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Chemistry.


The B.Ed. is full-time one year program. The program helps to develop training & teaching skills, the classroom management, communication skills and competencies which further enables the students to inculcate leadership qualities with positive virtues.

The effective finesse touch the art of ………..entrepreneurship &leadership


is a professional 2-year PG program is to understand and gauge various aspects of business strategies, concepts & and knowledge and leadership abilities. Rigorous training, assignments, projects and presentations during the course also helps in attaining the necessary abilities. The objective is to impart practical &professional approach to modern management, enabling the students to develop conceptual & analytical management skills towards becoming effective managers. This programme delivers varied, in-depth knowledge of current business developments and also provide technical expertise and essential skills to fast track career in business. The college ideal learning ambience prepares the budding professionals with the help of high-end faculty and infrastructure.


MCA is a six semester program. The most sought after discipline globally today with high-end career opportunities. The college aims to create computer professionals to cater to the present and future demands of IT industry. The MCA offer specialization in various fields like System Management, Systems Development, Systems Engineering, Application Software, Management Information Systems (MIS), Software Development, Hardware & Networking Technology etc. The MCA course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of computer science with emphasis on applications together with a judicious blend of technical skills. Role-play, Case study, Project work, Field experience, Assignments, Quiz, Seminars, Industry visits etc. are some of the methods used. The defining features of the MCA curriculum provide exposure to cutting-edge technology given to the students.

“Engineering is the application of maths and science to create something of value from our natural resources.”